Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

The Importance of Choosing the Right Preschool

Many parents realize the important role of preschool for the academic and social development of their child. Studies show that preschool plays a crucial role in preparing students for the critical years of Kindergarten and early elementary school, where the essential foundations of phonics and early literacy will be laid, teaching them to be confident readers and learners. Students who attend preschool are far more ready for classroom learning and developing early literacy skills than their peers who do not attend preschool. Bottom line? Preschool is a HUGE advantage for students. However, choosing the RIGHT preschool is equally important as not all programs are created equal…

It’s Not Just About Academics

While academics play a critical role and should not be absent from a high quality preschool program, developing other core skills through recommended and specifically designed play and activities is a vital component. Children learn a variety of skills (or should) in a preschool classroom that go far beyond letter and number recognition. Perhaps most importantly, preschool helps with a child’s social and emotional development. Kids learn how to interact and get along with others, how to advocate for themselves, and how to deal with and resolve conflict. These skills are essential to prepare students for successful classroom learning and readiness.

Kindergarten Readiness

Many parents worry about kindergarten readiness, and are uncertain about whether or not their child is ready for this key transition. Parents often worry or stress unnecessarily when they see the wide range of developmental differences which are common at this age. While letter and number recognition is very helpful to the transition, there are other skills which are critical to their success. An excellent preschool program will prepare them to be ready to learn regardless of academic skill, will prepare them for the classroom, and will ensure that they know how to advocate for themselves and are prepped for how to learn. A good preschool will also assess students for progress and inform parents on progress or areas of growth that go beyond letters and numbers and to help them feel more assured about readiness.

Communication and Support

An excellent preschool is a partner with parents in the kinder-prep process. Having great communication is essential to helping parents know what their kids are doing and learning in the classroom. It also gives parents confidence that teachers are approachable and have their child’s best interest in mind. A good preschool is equally concerned about the quality and openness of communication as they are about the quality of the overall program. Throughout the year we regularly provide progress reports, schedule conferences, and encourage parents to dialogue with teachers regarding any concerns. This gives parents confidence that they won’t be surprised or blindsided regarding their child’s program, progress, readiness or behavior development. Communication is key to the developing a great partnership between teachers and parents.

Every Individual Child Matters & Is Cared For

Every parent wants to know their child is not only receiving the education they need, but that they are loved and cared for by those teaching them. A great preschool creates and fosters an environment where every child is cared for, and parents feel safe and confident entrusting their kids to a staff and program that values them individually. An excellent program will place far more emphasis on quality than quantity, and will foster a classroom environment where parents know their students are loved and cared for by teachers and staff who have their child’s best interests and future success in mind.

What Might Make Crook County Christian Preschool the Right Option for a Particular Family?

There are several factors that might make Crook County Christian Preschool the best option for a particular family (in no particular order)

  1. Christian Values and Perspective – Every one of our programs from preschool through high school starts from a philosophy of developing a biblical worldview with biblical values. Truth matters.
  2. Early Literacy Development – Our early education program is specifically designed to integrate directly with our kindergarten and elementary. This gives students a HUGE advantage in developing those early literacy skills that will make them strong readers and learners for a lifetime.
  3. Caring & Professional Staff – Not only are our teachers all licensed, but we invest heavily in our staff to help them grow and excel in their gifts and expertise. We also foster an environment where we hire and train staff who really love and care about your kids. This isn’t just a job, it is an opportunity to impact children for a lifetime.
  4. Collaborative Teams – Students who stay with us for Kindergarten and Elementary have a huge advantage because our class sizes are small and work closely together. We don’t have overcrowded classrooms like public schools and programs, and our teachers work closely together and know each student.
  5. Curriculum Consistency – Another huge advantage for our students (especially as young learners) is our curriculum. Not only is it phonics based and excellent for literacy development, but it is familiar from grade to grade through elementary school. The same terminology is used and teachers are trained to use similar tools and techniques so students have consistency and learn more quickly as they progress.
  6. Culture of Excellence – For our program, excellence is not optional. Our goal is to be the best at everything we do. Every decision, every procedure, and every policy are driven by this goal. We have created and cultivated a culture among our staff that echoes this goal, and it has produced excellent results for our students and families, while continuing to grow year over year in producing a quality experience for all.

While we may not be the best fit for everyone, we urge you to make sure your getting the best experience possible for your student and choosing a school and program that will prepare them to be successful and confident learners now and in the years to come. Preschool is critically important, but so is choosing the RIGHT preschool for your student’s needs. Let us know if we can help or if you’d like to schedule a tour. Most of our Fall spots are almost full, so don’t delay!

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