Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Legacy Project: Building and Expanding for the Future (Part 1)

By the Spring of 1996, Crook County Christian School was bursting at the seams while utilizing the newly constructed classrooms inside the church as enrollment surged past 120 students. At that point, the First Assembly of God church board was faced with a crucial decision…limit attendance to 120, or make provision for growth of the new school. The decision was made that a new building was necessary and plans were immediately formulated for preparing the ground for new construction.

“Church in A Day” Lends Crucial Support Alongside Volunteers From Around the State

Once the ground was raised above floodplain and foundations were poured, volunteers from the “Church in a Day” program organized and sent several volunteers to provide two days of intensive labor alongside volunteers from Assemblies of God churches throughout Oregon, the Prineville First Assembly of God church membership, and even volunteers from other churches in the community for a two-day blitz effort that would see the majority of framing completed.

A quote from an article from the June 1996 Central Oregonian, shows the remarkable effort that went into the two-day project that saw the building framed and sealed.

The Crook County Christian School got a boost this weekend as volunteers from Central Oregon and around the state came to help construct the new building which is slated to open for classes in September.

Jason Jones, Central Oregonian

While the school wasn’t technically “built” in just these two days, the building was framed and sealed to be ready for the bulk of construction to begin (siding, electrical, plumbing, roofing, interior sheetrock and finishing).

Finishing Construction on Building #1

While the goal to open in September was helping drive effort, cost and other factors would ultimately delay opening until Fall of 1997. With the desire to complete the project to facilitate growth, the Prineville First Assembly of God membership held a special business meeting in June 1997 and voted overwhelmingly to finance the final $50,000 of construction through a special Assemblies of God program known as the Church Extension Plan. This allowed the final phases of construction in the summer of 1997 to be completed and students were able to begin classes in the new building in September without further delay. The new building was built to accommodate up to 250 students, and would allow growth to continue until a second building was needed in 2006.

God’s Faithfulness Then and Now

While the story of construction is inspiring, we faced a similar crunch when God called us to replant Crook County Christian School in 2022. Without physical access to buildings until July 1 (due to an existing lease), there was an overwhelming amount of work (cost and repair) needed to be ready for classes in September. In a similar fashion, God provided exactly what was necessary, although this time, no loan was necessary. While the church budget allowed for repainting the facility, volunteers once again came out in force with financial generosity and labor to ensure we were ready to begin classes.

When we look back now, it was a miracle. An entire school was “built” and ready for operation in just 2 months from ground zero. Policies and procedures were written, curriculum was purchased, desks and furniture and chairs were purchased (all by donation). That would not have been possible, but God.

Looking to the Future

While Crook County Christian School has always been built by God’s provision, what He has done in our first year back since 2015 is incredible. We were both shocked and blessed to see God provide over $300K in unsolicited donations this past year, and we are excited to see what He has in store for this one. Our church, admin team, and staff have watched in pure amazement as God has already accomplished far more than we can ask or think. It’s inspiring that this is just the beginning, and we’ve been able to do some things this year we’ve never done before. It’s equally exciting to think that the best is yet to come as we continue to simply walk where He leads at every turn!

About the Legacy Project

The Legacy Project is taking the time to honor our past, while planning for our future. Crook County Christian School exists today because of the legacy of those who have gone before us. We are eternally grateful for the faithfulness of Sue Uptain-Gillham (founding principal), Duane Jordan (founding pastor), and the First Assembly church board and congregation for answering God’s call in May of 1994 and being faithful to the heavenly vision. We continue to build on that legacy by faith and God continues to provide more than we could ask or think! God is so good.

Sola Deo Gloria (To the Glory of God Alone)

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