Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Key Ways We’re Partnering With Churches, Families & Our Community (Part 2)

Christian churches, pastors and parents have the high & biblical calling of educating our children and making disciples of our families, city and the nations. While that can be incredibly challenging in a cultural climate and context like ours, the need for gospel partnership has never been more essential. At Crook County Christian School, it is our privilege to partner with churches, families and our community every single day in several key areas.

Key #2: Partners in Academics

An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.

Proverbs 18:15

Not Just an Alternative Option…the BEST Option For Our Families

You will not find a stronger academic partner in our community than Crook County Christian School. We are determined that our commitment to excellence in academics must be as strong as everything else we do, second only to our spiritual emphasis. In fact, the ability to effectively disciple students relies heavily on developing solid learners and thinkers. We’re not just teaching them “what” to think, but HOW to think, reason, and use their minds to accomplish whatever God calls them to do. Not only are they outpacing their peers in public education and many private schools, but we’re determined to be the best program in our region and are well on our way to achieving that goal. Our team is committed to being the best, and it shows in their passion, efforts, and the results we’re seeing.

Raising Standards, Not Lowering Them

National headlines continue to sound that alarm that students across the nation are struggling, public education is declining, and standards are constantly being lowered. Many recent studies have shown that math and reading scores have fallen to their lowest levels in decades, and Oregon is one of the worst in the nation academically. We continue to see how these challenges have affected many students who are transferring in to us each year.

At Crook County Christian School, however, we’re seeing the opposite academic trends. Not only are our students thriving, but they are growing academically at a much faster pace than their peers in public education and many private schools. Our students have responded very well to our philosophy of education, and our incredible teachers and staff are gifted in bringing out the best in their students. Not only are our test scores strong, but we’re seeing our students grow by leaps and bounds at all grades and skill levels.

Focusing on Early Literacy

We put a strong emphasis on early literacy development at Crook County Christian School, and the results have been phenomenal. From preschool through second grade, we spend a lot of time helping build strong and confident readers, knowing that their ability to read affects their ability to learn as they advance in their academic career. Strong and confident readers develop into confident learners at any age. Our seamless program and integrated curriculum helps focus on early literacy and building upon familiar concepts and language, from year to year, until they are mastered. It is so fun to watch our students learn to read, and especially when their success inspires their confidence!

Incentivizing All Readers – Accelerated Reader

As students learn to read, we want to foster that love of reading at all academic levels. From elementary through high school, our students are incentivized and rewarded for their reading and achievements. Accelerated reader focuses on maximizing reading comprehension, so our students are benefiting from what they read and demonstrate their understanding. We’ve seen excellent results in just 2 years, and most of our students now read ABOVE grade level. Some of our readers that came to us struggling have already jumped numerous grade levels.

Key Advantages With Our Program

While we have many advantages that make us a superior learning environment for students, some of the key components we offer your student(s) include:

  • Amazing Staff
    Our staff is incredible, and they are the core reason for our success. Not only are they skilled, but they do an amazing job bringing out the best in each student.
  • Small Class Sizes
    We keep all classes small, but especially in early childhood and early elementary. This is a key factor in developing early literacy and confidence.
  • Faith Based Curriculum
    You can’t remove TRUTH from education and expect good results. The Bible tells us that in Christ are hidden “all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” (Colossians 2)
  • Challenging Curriculum
    While public education continues to lower expectations and change curriculum standards, our curriculum challenges students to excel and holds them to higher expectations than culture.
  • Individual Attention
    Small class sizes and volunteer tutors help ensure that students receive individual attention. Struggling students receive the additional help needed to grow, while strong students are given room to run. All students benefit from smaller class sizes, and instruction that caters to their individual learning styles.

The Connection Between Strong Academics & Discipleship

If you teach them to read…then they can read the Word and hide it in their heart to sustain them for the times ahead.

Sue Uptain-Gillham (Founding Principal, Crook County Christian School)

Reading is also key to their discipleship and faith. By learning to read, they also learn to love and understand God’s Word. This is essential. Jesus tells us to “Go and make disciples of all nations…teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you.” Teaching and learning are a core part of the commission to make disciples.

At CCCS, we intentionally teach students how to filter truth claims that are coming at them from all sides 24/7. Despite the efforts of our culture to wage a strategic war on Truth, our students are receiving an education rooted in Truth and teaching them how to recognize common errors and fallacies in the logic, reason and truth claims of the messaging all around them. We’re preparing our students with an education that is essential to establishing a robust Biblical Worldview and positioning them to be successful and skilled in whatever calling or profession they pursue.

More Info about CCCS

Are you wanting to know how your child can thrive at Crook County Christian School? At CCCS, we aim to help students pursue God through excellence in Discipleship, Academics, and Leadership!

Reach out today and make a change that will benefit your student for a lifetime!

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