Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Legacy Project: Building and Expanding for the Future (Part 3)

More Than Just an Alternative

In just under two years, Crook County Christian School went from a replanting project that was only possible by God’s grace (with just 3 months until opening), to a self-sufficient entity that is thriving. Because of God’s miraculous provision, we’re already doing things we’ve never done previously while also planning for the future needs of our students, families and community.

In March of 2024, we debuted a sample campus concept video at our 1st Annual Benefit Dinner and Auction that was produced by Sherazi Architects. The theme of that event was, “The Best Is Yet To Come.” While this video is only one potential preliminary concept, the main components we shared are all part of our current development plan.

Campus Development Concept Video

Some Highlights of Our Campus Development Plan Include:

Additional / Remodeled Classrooms

Our current campus has a capacity of approximately 300 students, but our rapidly expanding preschool and elementary enrollment has already highlighted our future need. While our current facilities are sufficient, our 5-year plan includes expansion to approximately 500 student seats. This includes a combined Preschool & Elementary space (Building A), Middle School (Building B), and High School (Building C). The buildings will also be connected to improve flow and community connectedness.

Gymnasium / Athletics

Prineville is struggling for more youth gymnasium and athletic space. As part of our campus development plan, we desire to build a full-size gymnasium for our students to pursue athletics and to compete with other schools in our region (Central Christian, Trinity Lutheran, etc.). Additionally, we plan to partner with Crook County Parks & Rec and other community organizations to provide more gym space for our local youth programs and provide more opportunities for growth to existing programs.

Staff Housing Development

One one of the greatest difficulties in keeping tuition affordable is the high cost of housing. Prineville First Assembly plans to develop several high-quality housing units, on our existing property, that staff (including teachers) can live in for below-market rental rates. That is the largest single factor in attracting and keeping high-quality staff while keeping tuition affordable for families. By helping bring our single largest & variable cost factor under control, we can continue to attract and retain the best quality employees while keeping tuition low and much more competitive than other schools in our region.

Technology, Entrepreneurship & the Arts

As our students branch into Middle School and High School, it is critical that we equip them with skills necessary to thrive in the days ahead. We especially want to give them access to classes that will prepare them well for jobs of the future and to be successful whether they immediately enter the workforce, pursue higher education, start a business, or enter ministry. Regardless of where life takes them, we want them to be well-prepared to succeed in any endeavor God leads them to. Things are changing quickly, but our students will be well prepared to succeed in the days ahead.

In-person College Classes & Dual-Credit Classes

While we already offer college classes through our University partner, we are preparing to offer dual-credit classes for our high school students. In the future, every high school student who graduates from Crook County Christian School will have the ability to earn college credits, and our high school staff will have masters degrees and will be adjunct professors for the university in their areas of expertise. We are super excited that our future CCCS students (and families) will have access to in-person, Christian-based education, including college-level classes and degree programs, without leaving Prineville.

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Are you a parent wanting to know how your child can thrive at Crook County Christian School? At CCCS, we aim to help students pursue God through excellence in Discipleship, Academics, and Leadership!

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