Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Key Ways We’re Partnering With Churches, Families & Our Community (Part 1)

Christian churches, pastors and parents have the high & biblical calling of making disciples of our families, city and the nations. We often call it the Great Commission or Great Mandate. While that can be incredibly challenging in a cultural climate and context like ours, the need for gospel partnership has never been more essential. At Crook County Christian School, it is our privilege to partner with churches, families and our community every single day in several key areas.

Key #1: Partners in the Gospel

I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now. And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

Paul the Apostle (Philippians 1:3-6)

At Crook County Christian School, we understand the critical role we play in partnering with churches and families in our community, and especially in matters of discipleship and the gospel. God has called us to return to the vision on which CCCS was founded for “such a time as this.” To quote our founding principal:

If you teach them to read…then they can read the Word and hide it in their heart to sustain them for the times ahead.

Sue Uptain-Gillham

Key Challenges Facing Parents & Churches

We currently live in one of the most challenging cultures and environments on the planet for making disciples and not because of persecution. While churches and parents carry the crucial calling to impart Jesus and the Gospel of the Kingdom to each generation, it is a harsh reality that kids continue to walk away from churches and the faith of their parents at a record pace. It’s not difficult to understand why. In the past 30 years we’ve seen:

  • a precipitous decline in church attendance and the amount of time families spend engaged in church life and community with other believers. Regular church attendance has been redefined to once every 6 weeks for 1-2 hours.
  • the amount of time families spend eating dinner together, engaging in meaningful conversation, and discipling their kids in the home is at an all time low.
  • Biblical literacy among self-professing Christians is at an all-time low (only about 4% hold a biblical worldview).
  • The distractions of entertainment and culture have never been higher or more addictive. The average American spends 40+ hours a week consuming media and entertainment. (It’s a full-time job keeping ourselves entertained!)
  • children typically spend 8 hours per day in public school classrooms where the gospel is entirely absent and with anti-biblical anti-truth messaging increasingly focused on deconverting them.

Parents, pastors & churches simply can’t compete with the sheer volume of time their kids spend being bombarded with anti-christian and anti-gospel messaging and the lack of time families spend engaging with one another and in daily/weekly discipleship and fellowship. Why are we surprised when we send them to be educated and indoctrinated by Rome & Babylon and they return to as Romans and Babylonians?

How we can help as partners in the Gospel

What is essential yet missing every single day in public school settings is present every day in our school. We strive daily to ensure that our students are being exposed the gospel every single day. We accomplish this in several critical ways:

Discipling our staff is as important as discipling our students

In order to make disciples, we must be disciples. We cannot impart to someone else something we do not have. Discipleship isn’t just taught, but demonstrated. All of our staff Christians, but we also engage in weekly discipleship with our team to be disciples who make disciples. We don’t just hire Christian staff, but we impart and train them in the Gospel and encourage them to look for as many teachable moments as possible to daily point students to Christ and the Gospel.

Imparting a biblical (truthful) worldview

Everyone has a worldview that defines and shapes everything from how they see the world, their behavior, and their morals and ethics. When that worldview is founded on Truth, then all of our life is impacted by it. There is a war on the very concept of objective truth in our culture. We realize that truth isn’t found in abstract ideas, but in a person. JESUS IS TRUTH. The Word of God, as Truth, is the only objective measure by which we can know truth. Any education not built on this foundation is faulty at best, and destructive at worst. If you’re not building on a solid foundation, at best you can learn knowledge and facts. Without understanding why those facts matter, such education is extremely lacking. Faulty foundations lead to unstable and faulty structures incapable of withstanding the storms.

Practical discipleship every single day

Students and staff are exposed to practical discipleship every single day in a variety of ways that are essential to our culture and dna as a school.

  1. Daily prayer. While morning assembly serves a variety of purposes, the most essential is prayer. We start every single morning with encouragement and prayer. it takes a few minutes to field requests, but the results have been incredible. Teachers also take time to pray in classrooms. Prayer is essential and part of our DNA.
  2. Weekly chapel. We have chapel every Wednesday, and it is a powerful and encouraging time for students, parents & staff. We love when families join us for chapel anytime. We also have several special “family” chapels each year.
  3. Daily Bible & Gospel emphasis. After our first year, we switched our Bible curriculum. The first one was ok, but it was lacking. Our new curriculum does a much better job of illuminating Jesus, the Gospel and the cohesiveness of the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation.
  4. Scripture memorization. Each class memorizes and presents scripture every single week in Friday’s morning assembly. Students are learning to strategically hide God’s word in their heart.

Biblical Discipline.

Conflict is inevitable. Learning to deal with conflict in a biblical way is essential. While it’s imperative that we teach students that actions have consequences, biblical discipline is always about a heart of restoration. This forms the basis in how we teach and implement discipline in the classroom and as a school. We are teaching kids the importance of forgiveness and reconciliation, and we model that in all of our policies and practices. Restoration is always the end goal.

How we protect students

In the same way that what is essential but missing in public school environments is present at CCCS, what is detrimental to students every day in public school environments (and many ‘Christian’ schools) is absent. We’ll talk more about that in our next article, but we realize students are being exposed to increasingly harmful and abusive ideas and practices with each passing day in public education. Many things that don’t belong in classrooms are being taught while things that should be taught are set aside for the agenda of indoctrination instead of education.

Teachers and schools should be educating, not simply indoctrinating. Empowering students to learn how to think, reason, and discern Truth from error is far more critical then simply telling them “what” to think. Objective truth stands alone and is not afraid to be questioned. A biblical worldview built on Truth (Jesus) is a solid foundation by which to measure the hundreds of truth claims bombarding our kids every single day. It’s critical to teach students that Truth exists, and that it is real & objective. Teaching them how to evaluate all truth claims is critical to their success and development. Rather than teaching them about every false worldview, we teach them how to evaluate what is true and reject what is false. This is far more powerful than teaching them facts alone.

We consider it a joy, privilege and immense responsibility to partner in the Gospel with parents, churches and our community, and the need for those partnerships has never been more evident! Together we’re equipping students to successfully and confidently navigate culture and the days ahead and to prepare them for all that God has for their future.

Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.

Ecclesiastes 4:9

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