Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Best First Day Ever!!!

If you aren’t one of our families or staff members, this may sound like a bit of hyperbole. After all, we have practically doubled in attendance, and first days are notorious for having all kinds of issues (even small ones) that inevitably come up and need to be addressed or become a point of focus.

Looking back just one year, there were several things that happened on the first day that became topics of conversation in our first staff meeting of the year. Knowing this and knowing some of our staff had some nerves to start the morning, we circled up early to pray as a team. I even encouraged our teachers and staff (and admin) to not expect or aim for perfection, but instead to focus on making memorable connections with students and families. I instructed them that we’d debrief at our staff meeting, and make adjustments as needed based on things that inevitably come up on Day #1.

“What went well, and where is growth needed?”

As we headed into staff meeting, I couldn’t wait to hear how today went (even though I had observed several classrooms and interacted positively with several students and staff throughout the day to get a bit of a pulse). While I expected to hear lots of encouraging things in our first staff meeting, I was also very curious and prepared to hear what things didn’t go as well or where growth is needed.

To ensure plenty of time for debriefing, I left a solid 20-25 minutes at the end our staff meeting to check-in and get a pulse on the day. To facilitate discussion I asked the questions, “What went well, and where is growth needed?” Much to my surprise, not a single response was directed at any pain points or immediate needs. As hard as I tried to draw out concerns, the only things that came out were how incredible the day was and how perfect things went from class to class and department by department. While that doesn’t mean there aren’t areas to grow in (we are always seeking, finding and evaluating areas for growth and improvement, it’s hard to imagine a better start for the year. Here are a handful of the responses that prove just how special this team is, how incredible our families are, and how God continues to do truly miraculous and special things here in accordance with His will.

Staff, Family & Student Reactions

It was perfect. Everything. It was perfect.

Teacher #1 (Elementary)

I can’t imagine it going better. We didn’t have any preschoolers cry. How is that even possible?

Teacher #2 (Preschool)

Look at this!!! The school is growing. Pick up line!!! (texted photo of pickup line)

Parent #1 (Preschool and Elementary)

This was the best first day ever! I Love This!

Teacher #3 (Middle School)

This is Amazing! Thank you so much for all that you are doing! Her day couldn’t have gone better!

Parent #2 (Preschool)

Best Day Ever! I had so much fun!
I LOVE my teacher!
I can’t wait, I am so excited. This year is going to be amazing!
This (Kindergarten) is so much better than preschool!
This is going to be the best year ever (Middle School Students…seriously!)

Multiple Students (Preschool, Elementary & Middle school)

Setting a Tone…Validating Efforts…Setting High Expectations.

It’s almost impossible to imagine a better first day, and it validates all of the hard work our staff and admin team have poured in last year and over the summer. This team loves your kids. This team has incredibly high expectations. This team is anticipating that God will continue to do above and beyond what we can ask or think (which is exactly what we saw God do continuously last year, day-in and day-out, month after month). We’re focused, and we’re well aware that God has given us a unique mission that is different from the other schools in our community and the other schools in our region.

Today set a tone. Today brought validation. Today set high expectations. This team is even more excited than last year, and last year was absolutely incredible! We believe this year will be even better, and today was truly the best first day ever! Even still, the best is yet to come!

SOLA DEO GLORIA (Glory to God Alone)

First Recess. First Classes. First Memories. First Day.

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