Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Announcing new CCCS Founder’s Scholarship for 2023/24

It is with great excitement and gratitude that we announce the creation of our annual Founder’s Scholarship Program in honor of our founding principal, Sue Uptain-Gillham. Crook County Christian School is establishing this annual scholarship for the Fall 2023/24 school year as a merit-based and/or character-based scholarship that will be provided to one of our deserving students.

About Sue Uptain-Gillham

Sue was a faithful member of Prineville First Assembly, and she served as Crook County Christian School’s founding principal from 1994-2013. She was instrumental in the establishment of Crook County Christian School, and First Assembly of God immediately appointed her as its founding administrator. Under her leadership, Crook County Christian School developed and thrived until her departure in 2013.

Sue is also a pioneering woman of great faith, and an invaluable inspiration and mentor to many. Her “yes” to God is the primary reason Crook County Christian School was established and exists to this day. Our current students and families (and countless others) have been blessed because she was obedient to the Lord’s calling on her life! Sue would be the first to tell you, she didn’t build Crook County Christian School, God did. Sue was, however, the “instrument in the Redeemer’s hands,” and we are grateful for her obedience to the heavenly vision.

Sue has also been an instrumental and faithful friend and counselor as we undertook the calling to replant and rebuild Crook County Christian School with a desire to continue fulfilling the original mission and mandate. One of our favorite quotes from Sue is:

“If you teach them to read…then they can read the Word and hide it in their heart to sustain them for the times ahead.”


Thank you, Sue, we are indebted to you, and we’re so happy to be able to honor your faithful service to CCCS in a way that continues to impact our students directly!

About Our History

Crook County Christian School was established in May, 1994 when Sue approached the First Assembly of God church board, who subsequently brought a proposal to the congregation. By an overwhelming majority, church members voted to establish Crook County Christian School to open the following September for the first day of classes, and they appointed Sue Uptain-Gillham as Principal.

For the first 3 years, Crook County Christian School operated in new and existing classrooms constructed inside the church. In 1997, sustained growth led to the need for construction of the first building (which currently houses our students). Members of the congregation came together to help finance, oversee and labor together in construction. The entire building was completed almost exclusively by donations of time, money and resources from the congregation. Upon completion, the church kitchen and fireside room continued to function as the primary cafeteria.

In 2006, building #2 was constructed by congregants, adding a full kitchen and cafeteria, library, and 4 new classrooms to house middle and high school students. Current students are also using this building’s cafeteria, and our new library is opening this week.

In 2013, Sue left CCCS and in 2015 the school ceased operations and the property was leased to a new school.

The Future of Crook County Christian School

In May 2022, Crook County Christian School was re-established with an emphasis on providing a place for students and families to “Pursue God through excellence in discipleship, academics, and leadership.” We are excited to continue building on the foundation laid by Sue’s obedience to the Lord’s call. CCCS exists for “such a time as this,” and God continues to provide in incredible and miraculous ways! We fully believe the best is yet to come, and we labor faithfully to the same calling!

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