Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Your Questions: Answered

Helpful answers to some common questions that routinely come up during prospective parent meetings, interviews and inquiries.

Do I have to be a member of your church to attend CCCS?

No. Crook County Christian School has always been and will continue to be an interdenominational ministry extension of First Assembly to the community. We welcome students from a wide diversity of backgrounds and experiences.

What programs do you offer?

  1. Preschool – Click Here
  2. Elementary (K-6th) – Click Here
  3. L.E.A.D. (7th-12th) – Click Here
  4. Afterschool Care – Click Here
  5. Daycare (Coming Soon)

Why will my child thrive at CCCS?

We encourage your child thrive by helping them pursue God through excellence in discipleship, academics, and leadership. The most important components that will enable your child thrive at CCCS are our spiritual and academic foundations, consistency in expectations and discipline, and the AMAZING team we have assembled to invest in and minister to your kids.

Spiritual Foundations:

  1. Prayer: We are a praying church and school, it’s engrained in our DNA, and we are already praying for your student before they come to us.
  2. Discipleship: We believe Christian education means we closely model the life and teachings of Jesus. The primary command of Jesus was to make disciples. We are a partner with parents and churches in this key biblical mandate.
  3. Biblical Worldview: It is absolutely essential in this day and age that we help our kids form a solid biblical worldview and framework. Research tells us that worldviews are largely established by age 12, making this an essential component of education.
  4. Gospel Emphasis: We are constantly striving to help students, at every grade level, understand, articulate and apply the gospel in a way that meets them at their age and level of understanding.

Academic Foundations:

  1. Strong Academic Curriculum: we want to empower students to learn to read and write proficiently, and to understand all of their subjects through a biblical lens.
  2. Small Class Sizes: We keep classes small to maximize learning resources and allow teachers to spend more quality time engaging and helping your student.
  3. Leadership: Students are challenged to grow in and apply a biblical understanding of what it means to lead and to serve. We want to prepare the leaders of tomorrow through a biblical understanding and worldview.
  4. Amazing Staff: Staff is the number one key to a successful program, and our team is AMAZING and dedicated. We are passionate about empowering our staff through continuing education as well as regular training, skills development and weekly discipleship. We invest in our team so they can teach and minister effectively. Our staff aren’t just qualified teachers, they are a cohesive ministry team investing in your kids.
  5. Consistency: Administration and staff strive for consistency in following standards, setting expectations and implementing discipline. This helps empower students with an environment that enables them to thrive.

Do you offer afterschool care?

We recognize many of our families are working and commuting families who need additional care options. We are pleased to offer affordable afterschool care from 3pm – 6pm daily starting in September.

What church’s doctrine, if any, is taught?

As an interdenominational school, we do not teach doctrine specific to one denomination or church. Rather, we teach from a core set of beliefs common to most evangelical churches. This allows us to link arms and build relationships with our friends at Calvary Chapel, First Baptist, Community Church, Church on Main, Eastside, and many others. Our statement of beliefs includes core, orthodox Christian beliefs regarding the Bible, Jesus, Salvation, etc.

Click Here to learn more about our core belief statements.

How long has your school existed?

This is our 22nd year. Crook County Christian School (CCCS) was founded in 1994 as a ministry extension/department of First Assembly of God. Sue Uptain-Gillham, a member of First Assembly, was the visionary founder of CCCS and also served as its principal administrator for nearly 20 years. Members of the church financed and labored to construct the two primary school buildings as CCCS quickly outgrew the existing church facility and classrooms. CCCS / First Assembly have always been the same legal corporate entity and operated continuously from 1994-2015 under the direct governance of its administrator and the fiscal oversight of its church board. Though supported and overseen by the church, CCCS has always been and remains an interdenominational ministry extension of the church to the community.

Click Here to learn more about our history.

Do you offer financial assistance?

While financial assistance is limited, we do have some scholarship aid available that is prioritized based on need. If you would like to donate towards our scholarship fund, you can donate here.

Click Here for a financial aid application.

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