Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Something New & Unique Is Happening for Families in Crook County

Oregon’s general education system continues to rank near the bottom in the United States for both quality and outcomes. As our public schools continue to produce students who can’t meet basic standards, and as the general response has been to simply lower or eliminate those standards, many parents are quickly looking for better alternatives. The good news? Prineville families have more options than they’ve ever had before. The even better news? Crook County Christian School is giving our community access to new opportunities we’ve never had before, and we’re just getting started.

So Much More Than Just an Alternative

It’s hard to believe Crook County Christian was re-planted just 1.5 years ago. In that short time, God has graciously helped us achieve financial stability, established an amazing staff and teaching team, and He’s opened several incredible and miraculous opportunities to re-establish the original vision of the founders of CCCS while also breaking new ground and doing things we’ve never done before. The impact on students and families in our community (and beyond) has been tremendous at a time when, arguably, it is more needed than ever.

This combination of vision and opportunity is giving our community and families access to new options and experiences. We are passionately committed to being the best option for our families, and for preparing students to succeed in the days ahead. With God’s help, we’re able to do that in several key areas, and to establish something unique & special for families and students in Crook County who desire the best possible academic and spiritual education:

1. Focusing on Academic Quality, Excellence, and Early Literacy

At Crook County Christian School, academic excellence is second only to spiritual emphasis and pursuits. At a time when students in our nation are struggling and test scores are falling in our public schools, we’re seeing the opposite trends at CCCS. Not only are our students thriving, their test scores and academic performance is outpacing their peers in public school, and many private schools while meeting and exceeding established standards.

While there are many reasons for this, our unwavering commitment to focusing on early literacy skills, math fluency, reading proficiency, S.T.E.M. readiness and the arts is preparing our students for success in the days ahead. We keep class sizes small to promote focus on individuals and helping them excel regardless of skill level. This is translating to positive results in all grade levels.

2. Unwavering & Uncompromising Commitment to Truth

I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

Jesus (John 14:6)

As the war on objective Truth continues to rage, our students are being taught that Truth is real and objective. We don’t simply teach our students “what” to think, but HOW to think critically. They are learning to examine, evaluate and filter truth claims that are constantly bombarding them. Truth has no issue standing up to scrutiny and questions, and we teach students to scrutinize and test what is Truth.

Jesus makes an exclusive claim when He says, “I am Truth.” Truth isn’t just a concept, Truth is a person. If Jesus is who He says He is, then it stands to reason that any option that removes the foundation of Truth is increasingly failing in effectiveness and relevance. When you remove Truth, what’s left is either incomplete, erroneous, or both. It is no wonder so many schools are failing and floundering. At best, facts point to Truth, but they provide little meaning or context to answer life’s most important questions. CCCS students are thriving because Truth forms the foundation and pursuit of all knowledge.

3. Establishing a Robust Biblical Worldview

Everyone lives according to a worldview. Those lenses are critical to how we see and interpret the world, experiences and culture around us. At Crook County Christian, we are dedicated to helping students develop a robust biblical worldview centered around Christ and the Gospel. If Jesus is Truth, then this is essential to helping students interpret the world around them and the knowledge they encounter and pursue.

Many Christian Schools are nominally Christian (in name only). At Crook County Christian, we believe the Bible is 100% sufficeint, authoritative, and it forms the basis for revealing Truth (Jesus) and helping students navigate a complex and broken world with complete confidence and hope. When a robust biblical worldview is established, students are able to interpret the world and their lives in a way their secular counterparts simply cannot. It also helps them understand the shortcomings inherent in worldviews not established in Truth, and gives them the ability to reason and rationalize why they believe what they believe. They’re not being told “what” to think, they’re being equipped to learn “how” to think and to apply that to their lives and callings.

4. Creating New & Advanced Opportunities for Students

Crook County Christian is already providing an advantageous environment and program for our community, but this is just the beginning of what is coming. In the next couple of years, and as we continue to rapidly grow, we will be providing some new opportunities to help our students thrive like never before. Some of things on the horizon include:

  1. Greater access to technology classes, entrepreneurship training, and the arts.
    • A community surrounded by tech companies should be empowering students for tech careers. Additionally, most jobs of the future will be impacted by tech in various ways
    • Teaching students business and entrepreneurship skills prepares them to for future business opportunities and leadership
    • Education in the arts helps them excel academically, explore their creative gifts, and empowers them for service and ministry
  2. Dual Credit option for high school / college credit
    • As regional accreditation agencies (such as Cognia) continue to establish new ‘progressive’ requirements for curriculum, staffing, etc., we plan to sidestep those entirely by offering our students dual high school / college credits through our university partnership(s).
  3. Campus Expansion Project
    • More classrooms to meet growing demand
    • Gymnasium project for school and community youth athletics
    • Expansive library, technology lab, and S.T.E.M. resource spaces
  4. Athletics
  5. Gap Year discipleship program for graduates to grow and prepare for college or career next steps
  6. Christian University Partnership and community access to college degree programs without leaving Crook County.

Remembering Our Past & Embracing Our Future

When God called First Assembly to plant and build Crook County Christian School 30 years ago, it seemed like an impossible task. God blessed that effort tremendously, and CCCS had a massive impact on the community of Prineville and beyond before closing its doors in 2015. During that time, CCCS remained steadfastly committed to it’s original mission and mandate. We are so grateful for that legacy and for those who were faithful to the heavenly vision. Everything we can accomplish today is only possible because of those who were faithful to trust God and plant CCCS.

By God’s grace, we have returned to that orginal mission while charting a course for the future that will bring new and exciting opportunities to our community. While we’re already breaking new ground, we know the best is yet to come. We’re passionately committed to being the best option for our families because we are steadfastly committed to seeing God glorified in this generation and to the high calling of making disciples and preparing our kids to confidently navigate a complex and changing world.

Are You Ready To Take a Tour or Get Started?

We love having families come visit our campus and see for themselves all that God is doing. We can’t wait to meet you and your family, and to see if Crook County Christian is the right fit to help your students thrive now and in the days to come. Give us a call today!

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Are you wanting to know how your child can thrive at Crook County Christian School? At CCCS, we aim to help students pursue God through excellence in Discipleship, Academics, and Leadership!

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