Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Legacy Project – CCCS

What is the Legacy Project?

In May 1994, the church board and congregation of First Assembly voted overwhelmingly in favor of beginning a Christian school, believing that the need for Christian education and discipleship would only continue to increase as time marched on. From 1994-2015, Crook County Christian School (an inter-denominational ministry of First Assembly) touched thousands of lives (students, families, and beyond). When the school was replanted for the start of the 2022-23 school year, we wanted to find specific ways to remember and honor that legacy while charting a course for the future.

Rebuilding the Legacy – Decorating the Walls!

In honor of replanting the school, students at Crook County Christian School are reviving a fun tradition! Prior to our closing in 2015, we had sold tiles as a fundraiser for various projects from 2005-2009. Students, their families, and others were able to purchase tiles which were then decorated and then hung in various hallways throughout the school. The last tiles were placed in 2009, about 6 years before the school closed and the buildings were leased to another entity.

When we replanted the school, several of our staff, students and admin thought it would be fun to have all of our students create some new tiles in honor of replanting the school. As we approached the close of the second trimester, we commissioned our amazing art instructor, Leandra Martinez, to have students create tiles as a final project for the trimester. The kids loved it, and we are excited to add them to the legacy of tiles from previous generations of students!

The tiles represent a wonderful opportunity to restart a tradition, and it’s so inspiring to see several students who will have tiles hanging in the same hallways as their parents! Additionally, it is exciting to imagine just how many preschool and elementary students will graduate from CCCS one day as seniors who have tiles hanging on the wall for their entire school career…and how many of them may also one day have students here with their own tiles! Rebuilding a legacy is helping ensure the mission and vision continue for future generations of CCCS students!

Remembering our Past

It has been an adventure to look back at the previous tiles and remember our history as we chart our course towards what God has planned for our future! We have an amazing history that begins with a calling in 1994 for our church (First Assembly of God) to plant a new ministry of the church tot he community. Obedience to that vision has seen multiple generations of students populate these halls and classrooms. Some staff and parents have located the very tiles they themselves created. What a great way to continue “Honor our Legacy” while “Building Our Future!”

Our History

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