Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Legacy Project: Building and Expanding for the Future (Part 2)

In 2005, continued growth of Crook County Christian School led the church board of First Assembly of God to the conclusion that more space was needed. As CCCS grew to accommodate middle school and high school students, the need for more dedicated classrooms became apparent. Middle and High school students were still utilizing classrooms built upstairs in the church that had been built inside the church in 1994, and the church kitchen and fellowship room had continued as the school’s cafeteria. Both were being outgrown by the expanding student population. It was also determined that the school needed a new library that would be adequate to house books and resources for students.

Construction Begins on New Building #2

Many church members and their families once again volunteered time and resources to help with construction. Merle Kellogg, a long-standing member of First Assembly, served as the general contractor. In addition to bringing his expertise and crew, he helped empower volunteers with various projects for the new two-story structure. Volunteers from First Assembly (like Mike and Tina Wendel pictured above) were part of the many church and community members who worked side-by-side to help complete the new project.

Mike and Tina Wendel Working on the floor of the second story!

Upon completion, the new building housed a new cafeteria and kitchen (that was much better suited to serving large numbers of students), a new library on the lower floor, and four new upstairs classrooms for Middle and High School students. This new addition was a huge blessing to students and staff, and for the first time the cafeteria and secondary classrooms were housed in their own building.

Feeding Students Then and Now

One of the staples of First Assembly of God’s kitchen (including Crook County Christian School), was Grandma Dot. Whether she cooked for a church potluck, or for students, her food was a labor of love and always accompanied by a hug. Growing up in church with Grandma Dot through the years was a privilege, and she was also very much a prankster at heart! She was loved and cherished by her church family at First Assembly of God, as well as many students who called CCCS home through the years.

In 2022, we were able to remodel the cafeteria and new appliances were purchased and donated to replace those that went missing. Additionally, new cafeteria tables were donated and the renovated cafeteria and kitchen began serving a new generation of CCCS students.

Renewing the Library for the Next Generation

Last year, we purchased nearly 3000 books for use with our Accelerated Reader program. Unfortunately, our crowded library also needed some significant renovation in order to create an inviting environment for students and staff. This summer we engaged in a significant library remodel, and recently had an opportunity to debut that to our community by hosting a Prineville Chamber Perk event. The transformation is remarkable, and this is just the beginning!

Remodeling Classrooms to Enhance Learning

When the building was erected in 2006, the choice was made to use carpet for the stairs and the upstairs classrooms. While it held up remarkably well, it was also at the end of its useful life with stress tears due to aging becoming more and more apparent after 17 years of student usage and traffic! Along with the library remodel, we took the opportunity to remodel classrooms with new waterproof flooring, paint and some new technology additions. We are super excited for our middle school and high school students to have a beautiful new and updated learning environment.

The Future is Bright

We have a culture at Crook County Christian School where we take time to honor our past while also moving forward and preparing for future. By God’s grace and favor, He alone has empowered us to do things we never thought possible. Last year, we were able to build upon our foundation as well as do things we’ve never done before. This year, we’re even more excited as we strive in every way to be faithful and obedient to the current calling and the incredible legacy passed to us to steward well.

About the Legacy Project

The Legacy Project is taking the time to honor our past, while planning for our future. Crook County Christian School exists today because of the legacy of those who have gone before us. We are eternally grateful for the faithfulness of Sue Uptain-Gillham (founding principal), Duane Jordan (founding pastor), and the First Assembly church board and congregation for answering God’s call in May of 1994 and being faithful to the heavenly vision. We continue to build on that legacy by faith and God continues to provide more than we could ask or think! God is so good.

SOLA DEO GLORIA (Glory to God Alone)

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