Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Helping Students and Families Thrive Is a Core Component of Our Mission!

Rarely does a week go by that a parent, grandparent or volunteer doesn’t stop in and leave a note or share with us the positive impact they are seeing in their student. This is so important to us, because this is one of the core components of our mission. We do not exist to simply provide parents with an alternative to public schooling, we exist to impact our community, culture and world while helping students and families thrive!

Recently, a parent left a note on my desk that brought a smile to my face and is the kind of thing that drives our purpose and mission. This is why we do what we do…to see students thrive and to point them to Truth. In a world attempting to destroy the very concept of Truth, we get an opportunity to point them to Truth (Jesus) every single day in everything we do.


In this crazy world, I am grateful for your mission and working with parents and families to provide such a positive, godly, Bible-based learning environment for our precious children!

Our son is absolutely thriving now :)


-CCCS Parent

Providing an Anchor and Foundation

Indeed, we are living in a crazy world. But, we are giving our students an anchor that forms the basis of all knowledge and wisdom. That anchor is Jesus. We may only be in our second year of replanting the school, but we are seeing TREMENDOUS results with what God is doing that have far exceeded our expectations. He has blessed us and empowered us to impact our students and community, and he has positioned us to do so much more in the weeks, months and years to come!

Thriving As a Norm

We are excited because these kinds of stories have not been the exception, they have been the norm. As we continue to grow, we pray that God will allow us to continue to have this kind of impact on new families that join and participate in what God is doing here!

Your Family Can Experience the Difference Too

If you would like to experience this for your child, or see how Crook County Christian School can help your student thrive, we encourage you to setup a tour and come see our beautiful campus and how God is blessing our students, staff and families! It’s never too late to make a change that will benefit your child now and in the years ahead. We have a limited number of slots still available this year in some of our classes. Don’t just seek an alternative, seek the best option that will help your student(s) grow, learn, and prepare them for the days ahead.

SOLA DEO GLORIA (Glory to God Alone)

More Info about CCCS

Are you a parent wanting to know how your child can thrive at Crook County Christian School? At CCCS, we aim to help students pursue God through excellence in Discipleship, Academics, and Leadership!

Reach out today and make a change that will benefit your student for a lifetime!

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