Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Crook County Christian School Pursuing Accreditation with ACSI

Crook County Christian School is excited to announce that we are pursuing accreditation with ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International). ACSI is the leader in accreditation among Christian schools, and they work to ensure excellence in both academics and biblical worldview formation. We are thrilled to be partnering with ACSI and their rich history of Christian values and emphasis on excellence. As ACSI states, we are “stronger together,” and we couldn’t agree more. CCCS is already an ACSI member school, so this is a natural next step in our growth and vision.

How long will the accreditation process take?

Because Crook County Christian is already doing the things required for accreditation, the process is expected to take between 12-18 months according to ACSI’s Western Region Coordinator. It can be done in as little as 9 months given the amount of things we’ve already done to prepare.

Will your current high school students receive an accredited diploma?

Accreditation is back-dated in application, so once a school is accredited, it applies to all current student credits taken during the accreditation process. This is important for our 9th grade cohort that just started, as well as any transfer students coming in. Upon completing the accreditation process, all student credits taken are covered and accredited past & present.

Why choose ACSI vs secular agencies?

We have selected ACSI as our accrediting agency for several reasons. The most important being they are Christ-centered and can be trusted as the leader in Christian education and Christian school accreditation. Secular agencies are increasingly trying to impose standards on curriculum and culture that are anti-biblical. ACSI is committed to encouraging a biblical worldview along with excellence. To summarize:

  1. Christian-based and promote Christian worldview
  2. Require excellence in biblical standards of education
  3. More rigorous in their requirements for academics and teacher qualifications
  4. Committed to helping Christian schools navigate the cultural landscape
  5. Leader among Christian school community and networks
  6. Greater networking opportunities and collaboration with other Christian schools

Is accreditation necessary?

Strictly speaking, no. However, accreditation has many benefits that make the process valuable and worthwhile. Since we are already working to offer concurrent enrollment (dual credits) for our high school students as they advance, they will have the opportunity to graduate with accredited college credits and a college transcript commensurate with their high school diploma. The most important benefit of accreditation with ACSI is communicating to stakeholders our ongoing commitment to excellence and continuous improvement; not just in education, but in Christian education.

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