Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Books, books and more books!

We recently acquired nearly 2000 books already sorted and labeled by grade level and ready for use with the A.R. (Accelerated Reader) program. A huge thank you to Melissa Bunting for this incredible opportunity to pick up this amazing collection for our students. We place a high value on reading, and our elementary students are going to greatly benefit from having access to so many books categorized by level.

Teach Them To Read…

We are passionate about teaching children to read, encouraging them to excel and to love the written word, and laying a strong foundation for them to do so. Crook County Christian School was originally founded on this principle in 1994:

“If you teach them to read…then they can read the Word and hide it in their heart to sustain them for the times ahead.”

Sue Uptain-Gillham (Founder, CCCS)

We (our church, staff and teachers) continue to pray daily for God to sovereignly bring us the children and families that He specifically desires us to minister to. Our unwavering mission is helping children pursue and know God, know His Word, and to be ready to navigate the world from a biblical worldview founded on Truth. When Sue founded the school in 1994, the mission God planted in her heart then was preparing CCCS for such a time as this.

Regardless of the times ahead, no one can take from our children the Word of God that they have hidden in their hearts. Like never before, our students need to be trained to know, love and follow Jesus. So, let’s teach them to read…and then teach them to read, love and hide God’s Word in their heart to sustain them now and in the times to come.

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