Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Project Uganda

Introducing Project Uganda

What is Project Uganda?

Project Uganda is a way for Crook County Christian School to tangibly participate and teach our students about the Great Commission. CCCS has a special opportunity and privilege of partnering with Kathy Vaughan and Redeemer Ministries whose focus is primarily on ministering to the women and children of Uganda. In doing so, we get to participate very tangibly in Jesus’ commission to his disciples in John 20:21:

“Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.” -Jesus

How We Are Partnering With Redeemer Ministries

Crook County Christian School will be partnering by helping support Redeemer ministries with part of the proceeds from our fundraising.  Additionally, we will be providing some tangible ways for our kids to connect with Kathy and with the ministry.  Some of the things we plan to do this year include:

  • Donate 50% of the proceeds from our Christmas Bazaar
  • Invite Grandma (Jaja) Kathy to speak in chapel
  • Give our students regular video updates from Grandma Kathy in chapel and pray for Uganda
  • Have the students write letters and draw pictures for the families

In the future, we may incorporate missions trips for older students, and plan additional events to help raise awareness in our community and with our families about the incredible work Kathy Vaughan and Redeemer Ministries are doing in the nation of Uganda for the glory of God!

About Redeemer Ministries

Grandma Kathy or “Jaja Kathy” has been in Uganda for over 10 years.  Kathy started Redeemer House orphanage, which has had a tremendous impact on both Uganda and the community of Prineville.  8 years ago, Kathy returned to Uganda with a renewed calling that birthed Redeemer Ministries, with a focus on the women and children of Uganda, and creating sustainable living so children would not need to be put into orphanages.

Some of the many projects Redeemer Ministries participates in include:

  • The Farm Project
  • Teaching Sustainable Farming
  • Evangelism & Discipleship
  • Micro-enterprise loans/grants to help women start businesses
  • Sponsoring school fees so children can be educated
  • Medical (Clinics, sponsoring procedures, etc.)

If you’d like more information about Redeemer Ministries or Project Uganda, please Contact Us.