Now Enrolling for Fall 2022/23

Now Enrolling for Fall 2022/23

Support CCCS

By supporting CCCS, you are making an investment in the future of our staff, students and community!

Support for Crook County Christian School has been essential to the success of the school. Generous donors have provided critical financial and volunteer resources (time, talent, and materials) through the years. In fact, that support has been critical to the current monumental effort of re-establishing CCCS for the future! Some of those investments include:

  • the implementation of new programs
  • the enhancement of existing programs and facilities
  • the expansion of financial aid support

Stewarding the Future

Although tuition is the primary source of operating revenue for CCCS the practice of stewardship enables us to keep tuition low in comparison to other comparable private schools in our Central Oregon region. But tuition and good stewardship alone cannot provide funding to cover the full cost of education. Development and fundraising are vital, as is additional funding through gifts and volunteer support. Support from friends, parents, grandparents, business, etc. are essential sources of support now and for the future.

Investing in Eternity

Your gift, regardless of amount, is an investment! At CCCS, the return on that investment is measured by the impact it makes on the lives of students, staff, families, and the community. Your investment will make an impact on students and families for eternity!