Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Now Enrolling for Fall 2024/25!

Middle School

Welcome to Crook County Christian Middle School (6th-8th)

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are excited to be expanding our middle school program for Fall 2023/24!

Crook County Christian School is expanding our middle school program to extend full-time, traditional classes through 8th grade.  We are now accepting enrollment for these grades for Fall 2023/24. We’ve made specific investments to become more than just an alternative options for families in Crook County. We want to be the BEST option for our families!

What makes Crook County Christian the best option for our families?

Our families love many things about Crook County Christian, including the incredible community and family environment. However, the most important things about Crook County Christian that make us the best option for our families is:

  1. Strong biblical worldview
    Faith and biblical worldview is skillfully weaved into every class, every day. We hold strongly that a biblical worldview is absolutely critical, and is the only foundation for objective Truth.
  2. Highly skilled and qualified teachers & staff
    Our teachers are qualified, experienced, subject-matter experts who are skilled at helping students develop a biblical worldview without sacrificing academic standards. Many have or are pursuing advanced degrees.
  3. Small class sizes
    Our class sizes are intentionally designed to keep a small student-to-teacher ratio.  This gives students more access to resources and one-to-one attention from our skilled teachers.
  4. Critical Thinking
    We place a strong emphasis on helping students develop critical thinking skills so they know “how” to think as opposed to just “what” to think.
  5. Leadership development
    In order for students to grow into healthy and productive adults, we recognize the need to develop their leadership skills. We provide opportunities to encourage students to excel in life, not just academics.

For our families that value biblical worldview, highly-qualified staff, and small class sizes to help their students excel, Crook County Christian School is far more than just an alternative, it is a best option.  Families that have needed to commute to Redmond or Bend can now access the same opportunities and quality in Crook County.

Pursuing God through excellence in discipleship, academics and leadership

It is our passionate goal to become the best Christian School in our region, and this is at the heart of every program we offer and every decision we make. We accomplish this by setting high standards for our students and staff, and by teaching them to pursue God through excellence in these key areas.

We also accomplish this by hiring highly-qualified staff who not only know the academics, but who are skilled at weaving in faith in the classroom, and not simply relying the curriculum to do so.  We pour in and disciple our staff, and we help equip them to do the same with students.  We place a high value on quality and continuing education so our team is constantly growing in their ability to teach and minister to students.

Preparing our students for the future

The world is changing, and we understand the significance of what is happening in our culture. We want to prepare our students to thrive spiritually, academically and professionally in this changing environment no matter what they pursue. Our goal is to not just teach them what to think, but how to think critically from a biblical worldview, and to apply that to every area of their lives. We desire to equip students to be ready for each challenge, regardless of what their future holds, and to prepare them to navigate it from a position of Truth. By equipping them with the right tools, they will be capable of engaging and thriving in the days to come.

We also want to give our students experiences both inside and outside the classroom that challenge them to grow. By incorporating learning through school trips, special speakers, and other opportunities, we challenge them to think outside the confines of the classroom experience, curriculum and academics while inspiring them to expand their worldview.

Interested in an alternative option?

For families looking for a more flexible, hybrid option that is designed to integrate with Grizzly Homelink, homeschooling, or online, we also offer our L.E.A.D. program.